Student Blogging Challenge Final Activity

How many posts did you write?

I wrote 18 blog posts this year.(Including this one.)

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

9 were school based, 4 from own interests and 5 were set by the challenge.

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

I have received 5 from students overseas, 14 from classmates, 6 from Teachers, 1 from others and 10 of me replying to other comments. That is 36 comments in total.

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

I think that the post about my weekend got the most comments because it was the 2nd most long post and that it sounded really fun and they wanted to know what and where you can find some of my activity’s.

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

The post I enjoyed the most writing is about my holiday in the gold coast, because it was really long and was really fun to write.

Did you change blog themes at all and why?

Yes it did. That is because I wanted my blog header to be stretched out and not squished.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I have 10 widgets. A lava lamp and a pet ferret. I think that 10 is enough and that the virtual pets should be only 2.

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

None. Mainly because there wasn’t very much blogs that interested me.

Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

I used, Wordle, Flag Counter and Google to find pictures.

This is my big goodbye…                                  GOODBYE

The Amazing Cancer Council

Please help cancer council. Cancer is spreading all over the world! Here is a picture from Wordle I created to help prevent and eventually get rid of Cancer!Capture There are 17 types of Cancer. The most common type of cancer is skin cancer. The most deadly cancer is Brain cancer. Smoking is a cause of Cancer. It takes up 21% of deaths by the cause of Cancer. Other cancers may include, Bladder, Bowel, Brain, Breast, Cancer of unknown primary, Cervical, Head and Neck, Kidney, Leukaemia, Lung, Lymphoma, Ovarian, Pancreatic, Prostate, Stomach and Testicular are all different types of cancer including Skin Cancer. Cancer can kill you in less than 2 months. This is a link to the Australian Cancer Council. You can click on the words to get to the website. You can also find other country’s Cancer Council by searching, Cancer Council _____. the line is for your country. Do not include the full stop. There is usually a bike race to raise money for Cancer Council. This picture was taken back from 2011.untitled So please support Cancer Council to help stop the spread of the deadly Cancer. For support and information about Cancer please call 13 11 20. This is for Australia.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 5 Activity 4

Castle 1 Castle 2Once upon a time there was two castles. They live together happily as ever. One day when a new king arrived at one of the castles. The new king didn’t like the other kingdom. The new king declared war agenised the other kingdom. The war lasted hundreds of days. That’s all I’ll say about this. The ending is up to you. Please post your own ending in the comments.

Student Blogging Challenge Activity 4

For activity 4 of the student blogging challenge I would like to make a shout out to some of important people to me. My uncle Tony is one. I haven’t seen him much because he lives in Western Australia. I just want to tell him how awesome he is and much I want to see him again. I also want to shout out to my friend Jarred. He is an EPIC friend and He is so fun to play with. I want to shout out to my closest friend Kai. He’s a big friend of mine. He is my best friend EVER. I will also give a shout out to my mum. She is the best mum I have and the only one. That’s all I want to shout out to.

The Strange UFO.

It was a normal night. I was having a walk in a park with my big handy torch. But when I wasn’t looking where I was going I walked into a tree. I got knocked out for several hours. When I woke up I was in my house. After I realised I was at home I said “What happened?” And I found my torch next to me. “I’ve must’ve had a dream.” I said. So I went back to the park I got knocked out and I found a UFO! It was abducting trees and birds.UFO I was shocked when I saw it. I pinched myself and it hurt. I wasn’t dreaming! I was so shocked again I fainted. Just like last time I woke up in my bed. “What is going 0n?” I said. After I woke up I noticed a green flashing light in my backyard. I went outside and I got abducted! When I was inside the UFO I saw strange aliens talking in a strange language like this. “Blooblahre” Said one alien. “matwudgue” Said the other. I think they were talking about me. “hello?” I said. “OH ONGF hufrejegyehdf!” said one alien. I think he said “OH NO he’s here lets knock him out!” After my thought of what they said I ran into the what I thought was the flying control room. I think I managed to set the ship to self destruct. I found a way to get out the ship and the second I got out the ship exploded. The aliens managed to survive. But somehow a top secret agency I cannot mention its name. The Aliens yelled “ONGF ONGF ONNNNNgf” Which I think means no. The leader of the top secret agency told me to call him again if I ever encounter aliens again to call him. He gave me a card with his phone number on it. After I called him several time after Alien encounters, he asked me to join the agency. I declined and I told him I’ll only call him if I encounter aliens. He was surprised I declined the request and he might actually make another request some other time. The End.

My Dog Cleo.

This post is all about my dog Cleo.

This is Cleo. Cleo is a female dog and the breed is kelpie cross bordicoly. She is 2 years old now. Cleo is a crazy dog. And I mean CRAZY! She does supper fast laps around our back yard. My family calls the Zoomies. Cleo has a fear of other dogs. She got the fear when she was attacked by a different dog. Luckily she was off her leash and she managed to get away from the other dog. She got lost. But guess what? We founder down a neighbouring street. A similar thing happened to our previous dog called Pippie. She was chasing a rabbit when she got lost. But she remembered the way home. My mum and dad just about gave up when they found Pippie on the doorstep. I love playing with Cleo as much as Pippie. Sadly Pippie had to be put down because her leg wasn’t working properly. Pippie loved water but Cleo doesn’t. Sometimes Cleo rolls on the floor to scratch her back. Cleo has a middle name as well as a first name. Cleo’s middle name is Mageo. My family including myself calls her Cleo Mageo. We called her Mageo because my family thinks it stands for crazy. My dog has two dog friends she sometimes gets afraid of. Their names are Russ dog and Billy. Russ dog is a boy and Billy is a girl.

That’s all about Cleo.


5 Facts about ME!!!!!

Here is 5 interesting facts about me.

1. I’m a computer wiz because I know how to: change your password, open the task manager and how to shutdown/restart the computer when the screen is frozen.

2. I’ a master at video games! I know how to complete just about half the video games today. There very simple to complete for me. Some are hard some are easy.

3. I know just about every thing about the Xbox 360. But please don’t quiz me about it.

4. I’m the luckiest boy in my family. Don’t ask why. You’ll probably know.

5. I hang out with my dad just slightly more than my mum. You want to know why? It’s because my sister, Layla, has dance lessons and Competitions. And I don’t. She goes to lessons on Wednesdays and Saturdays. She recently had a Comp on last Sunday and has another this Sunday. I guess more time with dad for me.

That’s five facts about me.

Religion:Feathers And Fools By Mem Fox

If you could change one thing in the story what would it be?

I would change that the swans pick out the differences but the war still starts by the Peacocks.

How would that change alter the ending of the story?

It wouldn’t change the ending at all but the 3rd to last picture with the Peacock and swan have switched places.

Re-write the story with the change and new ending.

In a rambling garden long ago there lived a pride of magnificent peacocks. Near by the rushes of the reeds was a clear blue lake was a flock of swans. One day a swan using the mystery of life said ” how strange the peacocks can not swim but we must certainly can.” The other swans pecked contemplating the swans observation. Again the first swan spoke “how strange how the peacocks can not fly but must certainly can.” The other swans pecked again contemplating the meaning of the second observation. Again the first swan broke the silence. “I fear the peacocks. They have great strength. If they wished they would force us out of our lake or make us not fly or even not swim!” Here and there swan feathers rustled uneasily. “alas” cried one. “No home no happiness no life!” There followed anxious muttering and a making of plans. So it came to pass that the swans gathered a great quantity of feathers which they sharpened into arrows that conceal the rushes of the reeds of the lakes. “Now we can defend our self’s against the peacocks.” Said the first and most foolish swan. Raising his voice that the peacocks might hear. “We shall hurl these arrows at their troughs and slaughter every single one if they ever try to change our way of life.” The peacocks heard these frightening words and sharpened their feathers in their own and even greater numbers and concealed them in the shadows of the garden. That night none of the birds slept. Every sound made their hearts race. Every movement made them ruffle. The next day a swan flew over the garden with a reed for a nest. All the peacocks mistook it for an arrow. At the end their were no survivors. Then two eggs hatched. A peacock and a swan came stumbling together. “Your just like me.” Said one. “You have a head and two eyes.” said that one. “Your just like me” Said the other one. “You have a body and two legs.” That one said again. Then they walked together as friends for the rest of their life.                                                   The End.

My Weekend!

Lest start on after school on Friday. On Friday after school, I went to a bowling and laser skirmish birthday party for my friend out of school, Christian. My family was first to arrive. Next was my friend from school Cooper C with his brother Mitchle. Next was Anthony and Christian. Then some of Christians’ friends came. After Everyone arrived, we had a game of bowling. I got 4 splits, 0 strikes and 1 spare. During the game we had something to eat while waiting. I had a Coke, a hotdog and some chips. After the bowling, we did 2 games of laser skirmish. The first round I came 3rd and I was beasting (Taking everyone down) everyone on red. I even took down reds base and got lots of people on the back. The points for the back is 500 points and that’s how I came third. The second round didn’t go so well. My vest I was wearing was glitching and malfunctioning and I ended up coming 6th. After the laser skirmish, we had cake. It was a sweet kind of cake. after cake we went into the arcade. I got 153 tickets and got a lot of lollies. That was Friday. Now Saturday. On Saturday we made some homes and spaceships made of LEGO. We made the homes and spaceships from scratch and ended up looking very cool.IMG_7801 IMG_7802We were called “Master builders” from the LEGO movie. During when we where creating LEGO stuff , we were watching The LEGO Movie which is sometimes funny and ALL the surroundings were made COMPLETLY of LEGO. Now onto Sunday. On Sunday, I played some video games on the computer. Some of the games were, Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gold and ROBLOX. ROBLOX is a game made of LEGO and is really fun to play other peoples worlds and games that they created. I also watched TV a lot and lots of shows. Now onto Monday. On Monday, I completed my homework before I could play any video games. After I completed my homework, I played Euro Truck Simulator 2 gold on the computer and then played Minecraft. Here is a picture of me creating a TNT cannon.IMG_7798 IMG_7800 After I played Minecraft, my family went to collect some pinecones for a fire and also played with my family’s dog Cleo with her Frisbee. My dad and I went on our bikes and went on some small BMX bike humps. After that, we went home. That was my weekend.

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